Jeremy Fisher

Design Technologist & User Experience Designer

I am a lead designer at USAA. I’m also cofounder of Pod 98, a company that makes apps.

Since 1997, it’s been my privilege to solve problems at the intersection of design, engineering, and product management.

USAA Member Service Portal

Lead Designer • 2017–2024

Updating designs and underlying infrastructure for the first time in 10+ years. Setting a direction for a unified approach across web and mobile apps. Aligning teams to more effectively support 130+ million monthly user interactions.

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USAA member service portal displayed on a laptop, mobile web browser, and mobile app.

USAA Design Systems

Lead Designer • 2016–2024

Kicking off next-generation technology to enable design systems at USAA. Delivering components and solutions derived from a holistic, product- and solutions-focused methodology. Supporting the journey with research, documentation, and training.

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Illustration of design system components being extrapolated from target-state desktop and mobile designs.

USAA Platform Information Architecture

Lead Designer • 2017–2024

Leading qualitative research and design of information architecture for digital platforms. Bringing teams together across business areas. Building a React application for viewing and managing information architecture.

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Illustration of workflow, describing change requests, updates to a data model, and an updated user interface.

USAA Global Navigation

Lead Designer • 2021–2024

Overhauling website global navigation systems for the first time in 7+ years. Deploying all-new technology while also laying groundwork for next-generation design system. Delivering 24% year-over-year improvement in storefront performance.

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USAA website global navigation displayed on laptop and mobile web browser.

Pod 98 Pacific Block

Software Engineer • 2022–2024

Building a Safari extension that streamlines browsing, saves bandwidth, and reduces energy usage. Building in Xcode with SwiftUI. Localizing for global usage in six languages.

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Pacific Block app running on MacBook and iPhone.